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We seek to understand your needs first and develop cost-effective solutions second. This translates to a proven ability to save you time and money. Vann Engineering, Inc. provides the required expertise for development of foundation systems and any necessary mitigation measures to be implemented during construction operations. We provide quality services, on-time and on-budget, adding value to your project. Our Soils Investigations and Reports include recommendations for:


  • Shallow and Deep Spread and Drilled Shaft Foundation Systems

  • Pavement Thickness and Design

  • Slab Systems

  • Earth Retaining Systems

  • Forensic Engineering

  • Rock and Soil Slope Stability

We recommend the following test boring frequency, test boring depth,

sampling and laboratory protocol. Our Field Services include:

  • Auger Drilling up to 150-feet

  • Double Ring Infiltrometer Testing

  • Seismic Refraction and Refraction Microtremor Surveys

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Blast and Vibration Monitoring



Our testing and observation services include, but are not limited to: fill control and soil testing, concrete, mortar and grout testing, construction quality control, fill control and soil testing, quality assurance testing, foundation inspection, moisture detection testing, masonry product testing, pavement testing, rebound hammer testing, compaction testing of subgrade soils, dry well testing, compaction testing of aggregate base course materials. All materials are testing in our in-house laboratory.



Our environmental consulting services include, but are not limited to: phase I and phase II environmental site assessments, the transaction screen process, vapor encroachment screening, asbestos inspections, radon surveys, lead-based paint surveys, National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) compliance for telecommunication sites and other construction projects under federal jurisdiction, drywell registration, drywell investigations, drinking water testing for lead and other contaminants, soil sampling and analysis, groundwater sampling and analysis, remedial investigations, and underground storage tank closure investigations.

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